Whipped Lavender Sugar Scrub

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For the past few years, two of my work friends and I have gotten together to make homemade gifts for the holidays.  Marcy and Debbie have been doing it for years (homemade vanilla extract, bracelets, fish wine bottle lamps), and when I started working with them, I had to weasel my way in (i.e. I invited myself), because I just can't have people crafting without me!  Now I look forward to it every year; a reason to hang out outside of work, drink wine, and eat ridiculous amounts of cheese!

The first year, we made Homemade Lip Balm (smashing success!), and last year, we made vanilla soy candles (I never posted them here on Maria Makes, though).

This year, we went with homemade skincare products!  Lavender & Tea Tree Whipped Body Butter, Whipped Lavender Sugar Scrub, and a random add-on (because Marcy had about a pound of dried rosemary), Rosemary & Oat Face Mask.  Of the three, the sugar scrub was my favorite!  The base recipe is only 3 ingredients (plus whatever add-ins/scents you want), and it comes together in about 10 minutes from whipping to jarring.

The coconut oil and almond oil leave your skin feeling silky smooth, with a faint scent of lavender left over even after your shower!

Click below to download the design for the labels (shown in my pictures), if you end up using the same ones from Online Labels!

Whipped Lavender Sugar Scrub



2 cups refined coconut oil (use refined to cut out the coconut smell - we're going for lavender here)

1/2 cup sweet almond oil

4 cups white sugar

1.5 tsp lavender essential oil

2 Tbsp dried lavender

Other Supplies:

Kitchenaid Mixer or Hand Mixer

Measuring Cup

Rubber Spatula

8 oz plastic jars (we used these ones, but for a small batch, you may want to stick to mason jars - 4 oz or 8 oz!)

Brown paper labels (3.33")

Small wooden spoons

Baker's Twine (I used red and white but they also make purple and white!)

Lavender Sachets (to use up your extra dried lavender, give along with the scrub!)


  • Add coconut oil and sweet almond oil to your stand mixer (or a bowl, if you are using a hand mixer).
  • Whip on med-high speed until they are well incorporated and the oils are whipped, airy, and light, about 3 minutes or so.
  • Add in sugar, lavender oil, and dried lavender.  Mix on low speed until everything is well incorporated.
  • Scoop into jars and screw on lids.
  • Stick on labels and tie one of the mini wooden spoons on to the lid using baker's twine.
  • Voila!  Gift away or use it yourself!





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