Framed Flower Vases (with hardware cloth or chicken wire)

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I have been looking for the perfect decorations to hang in our guest room for what seems like forever.  After seeing several different versions of framed vases online, I decided to make my own, inspired by these ones.

My friend Abby and I decided to have a crafting weekend!  We put in some Goodwill shopping, spray painting, and elbow grease, and ended up with beautiful frames for the wall.  I also made a set for my sister-in-law to hang in her bathroom, so you'll see a few different styles below.  The nice thing about this project is, you can personalize them to match any decor, style, and color scheme!

Please note... this is kind of an involved project!  There are a lot of steps and you'll need to buy some supplies.  We did learn some things along that way that will make your life easier, so be sure to read the tips!

Framed Flower Vases with Wire

wooden picture frames
sand paper or sanding sponge
drop cloth

spray paint
hardware cloth or chicken wire (can be found at Tractor Supply)
wire cutters
hammer and small nails OR staple gun

jars or vases (make sure there is a lip of some kind)
18 gauge wire (can be found near beads and jewelry supplies in a craft store)
artificial flowers (they have a lot of colors to choose from at the Dollar Tree!)
decorative stones (optional)


Start by hitting up Goodwill or a yard sale in search of some old wooden frames and vases or jars.  

TIP:  Make sure your jars have a lip on them - you will need to secure them with wire and if there's no lip, the wire won't hold them up!

Remove the glass and backs from the picture frames and fold down the little metal pieces or staples that held the back in place.  You just want to make sure they are out of sight.  Sand the frames to prepare them for spray painting.

The next step will vary a bit depending on what color you want your wire and frames to be.  

  • If you want them to be the same color, go ahead and secure your wire to the frame first (like in these pictures).
  • If you want your wire and frames to be different colors, you will paint your frame and wire separately, then secure the wire once both are completely dry.

Cut the hardware cloth or chicken wire to fit the back of your frame.  Make sure it is big enough so that you will have some room to secure it with nails - but not so big that it hangs over the edges of the frame.

Pull the wire tight and pound small nails into the corners to hold it in place. Luckily, the wire is pretty stiff and sturdy, so you shouldn't need a ton of nails to hold it.  If you're frames don't have hangers on the back, you should also attach those at this time.

TIP:  I used carpet tacks and they turned out to be a horrible choice - they were very hard to pound in.  You would be better off using a staple gun if you have one!  Try not to pound the nails into the corner where the frame joins together, or too close to the edge - as the wood can splinter.

Once the mesh is secure, you're ready to spray paint!  Lay down a drop cloth or some newspaper and spray paint the frames and wire lightly (read the instructions on the back of the can).  Allow first coat to dry, then spray again to ensure even coverage.

TIP:  Try  not to paint outside if it's chilly - it may affect how your paint dries!  If you see any drips, you can smooth them out with a foam paint brush.

If you are going for a more rustic look, wait until the frames are completely dry, then sand the surface/corners to wear some of the paint off.  Now you are ready to secure your vases!   Hold your jar up to the frame to get an idea for how high up you want to position it.  Loop the wire through the mesh, then place your jar and tightly wrap the wire around the jar.  Twist it or "tie" it in the front, then loop back around and twist in the back of the frame.

TIP:  Make sure you secure your jar right side up!  You'll see in the picture below that I did one of mine upside down :(  I just attached a new hanger to the top so I didn't have to re-do it!

Cut off the excess wire, arrange flowers and/or stones in the vases, and hang them on a wall somewhere!  If you want to cover your wire, you can tie twine or ribbon around it.  

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